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After a painful knee problem was treated with acupuncture I was hooked. Why and how it worked my acupuncturist wouldn’t tell me. She said I had to go and study if for myself. It was life changing advice. It was also inconvenient timing as I had just received my first degree and was planning a career in antiques! What followed was an education in classical medicine rather than art, but it opened up a whole new passion.

I went to London in search of the best Chinese Medicine degree I could get. At the University of Westminster I had lectures from some of the foremost teachers in Traditional Chinese Medicine outside of China. It was mind-expanding to say the least. I did three years training in a public teaching clinic run by the university and two NHS placements training in pain management. My hands-on traditional Chinese training was interspersed with qi-gong practice and Western medical training – very unconventional!

Once qualified I joined the British Acupuncture Council and set up practice in Harley Street in London. I then joined busy practices in St Albans and Hatfield in Hertfordshire, working in multidisciplinary teams. Here I learned how different modes of therapy can work together in the most wonderful way. I did postgraduate training in treating infertility and then in electroacupuncture, both areas I am kept very busy with today.

In 2015 I came home to Dublin from London with so much ambition and determination about what can be achieved with natural medicine. I now have the pleasure of practicing in three locations in Dublin. I am very proud to work in-house in an IVF unit. This is a unique position in which to be working with acupuncture as I visit patients in the recovery ward, learning first hand the practical application of traditional medicine to modern medicine.

I love my work in acupuncture. I meet amazing people and learn so much about health and life from my daily work. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career.

My philosophy is simple, change begets change. If you can affect a change in your health with natural medicine, you can change the way you feel, the pattern of your thinking, everything. Pharmaceutical medicine has it’s place, but too often we take medicine just to numb the pain, switch off hormones and create a false environment internally. This completely contradicts the first rule in medicine, to ‘do no harm’. Acupuncture moves us internally, brings us toward healing ourselves instead of blocking our ability to feel what’s wrong.

Outside of acupuncture I love reading, surfing and generally getting outdoorsy.

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