A touching testimonial from a young mother with secondary breast cancer who attended weekly for acupuncture over a number of months:
I am a 38 year old woman with 2 very young children.  I have been on continuous treatment for first a primary and then secondary breast cancer for the last 16 months.  In that time I have been unable to lose the weight I have been carrying from the birth of my daughter due to the steroids that form part of my treatment.  I had tried many different types of diets, from extreme elimination diets to calorie counting, as well as exercise but any weight that came off went straight back on, leaving me feeling uncomfortable with my appearance and feeling defeated.  A good friend suggested that I might try acupuncture to drain the excess fluid.  
Weight loss was therefore my main concern at my initial consultation with Jenny.  She did a very thorough assessment and I immediately felt as though I was in very safe hands.  When you are undergoing cancer treatment and are on a vast concoction of medication as well as have underlying issues that have arisen from the treatment itself it is incredibly important that you feel you can trust the person treating you.  There was, for me, an instant bond with Jenny.  She was kind, caring and most importantly professional.  
During the time I have been treated by Jenny, I have lost half a stone and kept it off without any real change to my diet or exercise regime.  What has turned out to be more important to me than this however is the holistic well being I have experienced from our sessions.  Jenny assesses my physical and mental well being at the beginning of each session and decides from there what treatment will be most beneficial to me at that point, nourishing my body when it needs it and pushing on with weight loss when I am well.  
Since starting acupuncture, I have had 18 weekly sessions of IV Chemotherapy having completed 12 cycles prior to this.  My medical team have been astounded by how well I have tolerated the chemotherapy and how well my body has coped with the demands of a young family and all that it brings.  In the time I have been seeing Jenny I have had nothing more serioud than the common clod, which is highly unusual for somebody on continuous chemotherapy.  
Acupuncture has become central to my cancer treatment and I believe has supported the standard medical care, allowing my body to fight the disease effectively as well as allowing me to feel in control of my body and my appearance.  I cannot express how important that is to a young woman dealing with cancer, in a world where nothing else is in my control.  
Jenny is central to this and I believe that in large part this is down to her as a therapist and a person rather than the acucpunture alone.  I will never be able to adequately express what she has given me over the last few months.  I would recommend both acupuncture and specifically Jenny to anyone who finds themselves battling cancer or other life limiting disease.
A testimonial from a young mother who suffered with a sudden onset optical migraine, with double vision and blinding headache:
I approached Jenny because I was having bad headaches and migraines. I would regularly have headaches 3-4 days a week. I was sick of taking tablets. 
Acupuncture really helped me, along with the sound advice from Jenny, my headaches were reduced to one a week after the first session, then I wasn’t having any headaches after a few sessions. 
I found the sessions relaxing and I also found Jenny to be very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. 
I would definitely recommend Jenny to anybody who is thinking about having acupuncture. I can honestly say that it really does work. 
From a very grateful, headache free mum. 
More testimonials coming soon! If you have a question about acupuncture, I am happy to help. Email your enquiry to info@jennymeagor.com
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